Respect… for our customers, our collaborators and the environment

At Métalus, respect is the art of treating someone or something with deference and consideration in keeping with social and moral rules.

Open communication with our external customers allows us to provide them with accurate facts regarding the timely delivery of their quality products.

As for our internal customers and workers, this is characterized by effective communication, a clean, safe and adequate work environment, and the continuous improvement of our methods and processes.

Métalus complies with applicable laws and regulations, is respectful of the environment, all the while promoting recycling and energy-saving programs.

Teamwork… with our partners

The Métalus team is defined by its desire to form a partnership with its customers, its employees and its suppliers.

Team spirit is supported by the mutual assistance, commitment and dedication of our people, our synergy towards the same goals and our leadership, all of which are important vectors for our company’s productivity.

Thoroughness… in our business processes

At Métalus, thoroughness is the very nature of our sustained effort to carry out our actions methodically and systematically, according to established rules.

This is reflected by our professional ethics and timely deliveries of quality products to our customers.